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Compressed gas cylinders

We offer you high-pressure gas cylinders made of aluminium and steel, subject to strict safety regulations and quality checks, in all common sizes. We would be happy to provide an individual quotation to meet your requirements.

Our compressed gas cylinders meet all the criteria of current international guidelines and standards for their respective application.

On request, we can also arrange approvals for other countries outside the EU, such as Russia, India, Australia, New Zealand and others.


High-pressure aluminium gas cylinders


High-pressure steel gas cylinders


Disposal cylinders

Our aluminium cylinders are suitable for mobile use to calibrate and check gas sensors. We fill these with reactive and non-reactive gas mixes according to your requirements. 

The products we offer range from 12 litre pressurised aerosol cans, which are suitable for the use of small quantities of non-reactive mixtures, through to aluminiumcylinders which suit both non-reactive and reactive gas mixtures. These are offered in capacities of 34, 60 and 110 litre gas volumes with C10 stainless steel connection. You can find more detailed information and data on our disposable cylinders on the data sheets available at “Downloads”.

The aluminium cylinders are provided with a Pi and UN label and the C10 disposable valves meet standard EN 13340. This means that our cylinders are also suitable for international applications.

Our sales department is available to answer your personal enquiries at all times, ensuring that we can quickly and easily prepare an individual offer for you.

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