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Pure gas, calibration gas mixtures, laser gas & welding gas

Your requirements are what drive us, which is why we put together the gas mix or pure gas to suit you from a wide range of raw materials for calibration of your measurement equipment or to use in research projects. Our product range also includes laser and welding gases, which are an important part of connecting and separating metals. We place our many years of experience at your disposal.

We fulfill our Quality Promise in respect of analysis through the standardised guidelines of ISO 6141. The gas mixtures are supplied with analysis or manufacturing certificates in accordance with ISO 6141, i.e. defined purity and quality.

Cylinders & Disposal cylinders

We offer you high-pressure gas cylinders made of aluminium and steel, subject to strict safety regulations and quality checks, in all common sizes. We would be happy to provide an individual quotation to meet your requirements.


Hired cylinders, valves & fittings

Use the benefit of our Hired Bottles, Valves and Fittings System to reduce your stock levels. You will not incur any high procurement costs for bottles and accessories, ensuring that your costs match your needs.


Compresses gas cylinder service

We obtain TÜV approval (water pressure test, ultrasound test) on your behalf, carry out valve inspection/change and paintwork, as well as preparing your compressed gas cylinders.


Valves & fittings

We can offer you countless fittings and suitable valves for correct handling according to the intended purpose.

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