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We produce induividual gas mixes according to your requirements to the hoghest quality standard within the shortest dilivery periods 

Pure gases & gas mixtures

Your requirements are what drive us, which is why we put together the gas mix or pure gas to suit you from a wide range of raw materials for calibration of your measurement equipment, to use in research projects or as process gas. We place our many years of experience at your disposal.

We fulfil our Quality Promise in respect of analysis through the standardised guidelines of ISO 6141. The gas mixtures are supplied with analysis or manufacturing certificates in accordance with ISO 6141, i.e. defined purity and quality.


Areas of application

  • Test and calibration gases for workplace monitoring (explosion protection, test gases for gas detectors and sensors, and explosion measurement equipment)* with high requirements in respect of manufacturing tolerances, measurement accuracy and purity level for Research and Development

  • Operating gases for measurement systems, for example in the field of environmental research (continuous monitoring of immissions and emissions, calibration of measurement equipment)

  • Pure gases and special gases for analytics (operating gases, zero gases, gas chromatography)*

  • Laser and welding gasmixtures as an important component in joining and separating metals.

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