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Our philosophy

"To be successful requires two things: clear goals and the burning desire to achieve them" 

[J.W. Goethe]

Based on this principle, the satisfaction of our customers is our top priority.

Our know-how, based on decades of experience in handling test and calibration gases, makes us a highly competent and reliable partner for our customers. 

The quality of our products is the crucial factor in the recognition and position we have achieved in the field of test gas production, and the sectors associated with our range of services.

Potential faults are reduced to a minimum by the consistent application of preventative measures. 

Economic activity is always linked to interference in the natural world and the environment. Our company therefore shares in the common responsibility we all have for protecting the environment.


Company guidlines


Openness, innovation, respect, team work and commitment are crucial to our success. We promote these values in our company and ensure that our employees feel bound by them in their every action.

Zero-error strategy

We implement a zero-error strategy through consistent control and mastery of the process. 

Motivated staff

We want to be an attractive employer for our staff. To achieve this, we are committed to health and safety in the workplace and empower our employees to contribute to our success. 

We regularly inform our staff about aspects of quality and the environment.

We motivate them to behave accordingly (showing initiative, compliance with defined requirements, targeted waste management, internal employee suggestions scheme).

Creating customers satisfation

We always promote quality and environmental awareness.

By fulfilling customer requests/requirements (provided these are technically achievable), we guarantee customer satisfaction.

To this end, we are constantly refining our processes to minimise the production of trace components.

We expand our product range to the highest technical standard.

We want to be our customers’ preferred partner.


We respect and safeguard basic human rights in all our corporate activities worldwide. We engage in the neighbourhood of our site and maintain transparent communication with our partners.

Implementing the requirements of applicable statutory and official regulations is obligatory for us.


In our view, this also includes creating suitable workplaces for our employees (creating a healthy working atmosphere, including aspects of occupational safety and protection of health).

As part of our commitment to sustainability, we consider the effects which our business activities have on the environment, and always actively work towards the continuous improvement of our environmental performance.

To this end, we regularly identify and evaluate our environmental effects.

We ensure proper handling of hazardous goods / hazardous materials / compressed gas bottles.


We encourage the internal as well as public exchange of ideas with staff, customers, official bodies and other business partners.

For us, this includes informing our customers about the quality and environment aspects of our products (safety data sheets, specific product information).

Continuous improvement

By consistently implementing our process-orientated management system, we ensure the continuous improvement of our products and processes. 

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